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The year 2020 has made many commercialization professionals re-evaluate how they communicate and collaborate, and placed new demands on making online methods and forums count. From ensuring better Zoom meetings to developing an entirely new virtual marketing strategy, understanding various online tools and platforms can be daunting.

Tech transfer at universities and other research institutions has been adapting to the rapidly-changing digital ecosystem. But one thing that hasn’t shifted is the need to get important research and technology seen and into the market. 

At SeedSprint, we specialize in making online connections and collaboration between technology providers and corporate research sponsors, licensees, collaboration partners, and investors as simple and straightforward as possible. And our platform is free of charge for TTOs, research departments, and startups. 

So how can you use SeedSprint to your TTO’s advantage?

Upload to SeedSprint and update easily from your TTO’s database

Whether you use a proprietary system, an Excel spreadsheet, your own relational database, or a comprehensive IP management system, our goal is to make it easy for our members to upload and update technology summaries. That way, you can get them in front of potential industry partners – easily and efficiently.

We have an API that can be mapped to the fields of your relational database. And if you use a system such as Inteum’s Technology Publisher, we’ll do the mapping for you either into our API or using your RSS data feed. Both methods are easy and can be implemented in about a day! 

SeedSprint integrates easily with Inteum, helping your office consolidate and manage your IP and marketing strategy. Once uploaded, your NCSs will automatically update along with changes to Inteum’s Technology Publisher.

Learn more about how to create and manage profiles on SeedSprint.

SeedSprint’s industry database helps you connect with new partners

Once your technologies are uploaded, search SeedSprint’s database of corporate profiles to find commercialization partners suited to your technology. Message and send your technology profiles to them to get your technology seen without leaving your desk. You can search by firm name or technical terms. Once you’ve found some good matches, use keywords to direct the message and profile to the right person on the corporate side.

Learn more about how to message prospective industry partners on SeedSprint

Put your whole ecosystem to work: include startup and lab profiles to widen your net

If you think about it, industry is also looking for new partners. One of the best ways to demonstrate why your institution is a good fit is to show how your research and your startups bookend your IP portfolio and make it shine.

You can invite PIs to profile their labs and projects, and invite your spin-outs and startup licensees to profile themselves. Your institution is hyperlinked to any profile affiliated with you, which raises the visibility of your institution’s ecosystem.

Ready to put SeedSprint to work for your institution’s ecosystem? You can learn more here or check out our comprehensive User Manual for TTOs. Happy seedsprint-ing!

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