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Marketing your institution’s technologies creates undeniable benefits for your university.

Open innovation is evolving constantly, and so is your institution’s research. The limited technology transfer networks of the past may be ill-suited to your institution’s needs.

By making your technologies visible to new partners, you help demonstrate the commercial value of your institution’s research. You also help get groundbreaking research out into the world faster – so that it can start making a difference in peoples’ lives.

Learn more about about how to create new licensing and sponsored research opportunities for your institution.

As industry invests less in internal R&D, they are facing a greater need to partner with universities on targeted research and product development.

Publicizing patents available for license – and promoting your institution’s startups and research labs – can help attract new industry partners that you may not have worked with before.

How to start? First, posting technologies on your institution’s website is an essential first step. Second, in today’s digital environment, new apps – like seedsprint – are an easy way for industry to view technologies at hundreds of institutions at a time. Make a free profile so that your institution’s research can be found by industry.

In a recent survey by the publication Nature, 47% of researchers said that they were open to leaving academia and forming a startup to commercialize their research.

Yet most never do so. One reason? 53% of survey respondents said that lack of business skills was a barrier to creating the businesses they imagine.

The gulf between academia and industry can seem vast. If you are a researcher with entrepreneurial ambitions – or if you support faculty with venture creation – you know that supporting new ventures is a rewarding, but challenging endeavor.

Learn more about how to help motivate faculty to commercialize their research.

University technology transfer staff and faculty entrepreneurs may find that academic and industry norms are often at odds.

Some researchers hold the misconception that filing for a patent makes it impossible to publish the same research in a scientific journal – or that if research has already been published, it can’t be patented. Neither is necessarily true.

Read more about how to get started in technology commercialization as a researcher – and how to guide faculty if you promote commercialization at your institution.

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