SeedSprint connects Inteum customers to industry in a few easy steps

Inteum customers can use SeedSprint to find and connect with industry partners for their institution’s research projects, patents available for license, and startups.

Last week, we presented in one of Inteum’s high-focus customer webinars. 

In case you are not familiar with Inteum, the company is one of the world’s leaders in intellectual property (IP) management software and services. Hundreds of technology transfer offices at universities, federal labs, and research institutions in 27 countries use Inteum’s comprehensive software solutions to manage their patent portfolios and other IP assets. 

The topic of last week’s webinar was using Inteum’s Technology Publisher feature to prepare and manage non-confidential summaries (NCS) of an organization’s IP assets for marketing purposes. SeedSprint was a natural fit for this topic. After all, we help universities, other research institutions, and startups covert their NCSs into our easy-to-read profile format and make them discoverable by potential industry partners who are actively seeking such technology.

We make it simple for technology-providers to connect with industry technology-seekers, typically large corporations that invest heavily in external R&D. On SeedSprint, each side can search, identify, and communicate directly with each other about licensing, joint-development, and other types of collaboration.

Accommodating variety in our members’ file formats using Inteum’s Technology Publisher

Universities, federal labs, and other organizations order and format their data in different ways. These formatting differences can make it tricky to capture the right information and reflect it properly in another format. It can be especially difficult to convert descriptive text that may not be well-structured with tags. 

Our team can work with just about any well-structured relational database files our members use. However, we find that Inteum customers’ data is especially easy to work with via their Technology Publisher service. Technology Publisher helps us automate NCS imports and convert them to accurate, well-populated SeedSprint profiles.

SeedSprint members using Technology Publisher with RSS data feed don’t need an API

When a new institutional member using Technology Publisher onboards with SeedSprint, we map their data at no charge. We understand Inteum’s file structure well and can convert the data to SeedSprint profiles quickly. Even when we need to tweak the parsing, we can usually import their NCSs in a single day.

For Inteum Technology Publisher users that produce RSS data feeds, we don’t even need to use our API to keep their NCSs updated. Once we have imported the data to SeedSprint, Inteum customers can update their SeedSprint profiles automatically when they update on Technology Publisher.

Efficiency leaves more time for core marketing, including using SeedSprint’s industry partner database

By avoiding time-consuming interface and updating issues, technology commercialization professionals can use SeedSprint’s industry database to identify companies that are a potential fit. SeedSprint members can search by keyword or company name. When they are ready to reach out, they can send their profile with a direct message to the company or companies they identify as a potential licensee or partner. 

We also provide our members with deal-flow tools, such as online NDA negotiations and management and data rooms with encryption. The best part? SeedSprint is free of charge for universities, other research institutions, and non-profits. We are available to industry and technical service providers at a flat annual fee. 

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