About Us


At seedsprint, our mission is to connect institutions and startups—of all sizes— with the right tech scouts to quickly get important technologies to market.


Jon Lillian, seedsprint’s founder, first conceived of the company while working in corporate finance advising industry clients on M&A and technology development strategy.  Lillian worked in corporate finance for almost 30 years before founding seedsprint, the collaboration platform for emerging technology and industry partners.

seedsprint emerged in response to one of industry tech scouts’ greatest challenges—how to cheaply and efficiently determine whether a technology project is likely to be worth a costly, time-consuming deep-dive review early in the process. Originally, seedsprint was conceived as a tool for Lillian’s investment banking team to log and evaluate prospective client advisory projects. The key objective was to integrate non-confidential profiles with enough technical detail to be actionable and link the directory with a streamlined workflow process and due diligence tools.

The big change came in shifting seedsprint’s development from an internal application for generating corporate finance projects to an open innovation platform for improving efficiency and disintermediation for technology transfer. seedsprint is now provided as a SaaS application allowing industry tech scouts to transition seamlessly from profile review, to private messaging and NDA negotiation, to due diligence using online data rooms with encryption. Fast forward to today: seedsprint features almost 10,000 technology and startup profiles, 160 institutional members, and 15 enterprise subscribers and continues on its path of rapid growth into 2019.


Experience in advising both multinational enterprises and technology development teams has given us a deep understanding of both sides of the open innovation marketplace. We are committed to increasing the ROI for open innovation and helping innovators thrive.

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