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Universities are robust, thriving ecosystems of information, innovation, and technology, and they were created to support a vision for a better world. Unfortunately, even though we live in the age of information, it isn’t always easy to get universities’ technology, startups, and spin-outs seen by the right people at the right time. Technology transfer professionals spend a lot of time searching for the right corporate partners, and those partners spend valuable time discerning what’s worth review.

Achieve Your Vision with Open Innovation

seedsprint is a networking platform for the world’s emerging technologies to connect with corporate partners who can help fund or scale their research. At seedsprint, we bring your technology into a virtual marketplace where both institutions and industry decision-makers connect, not just to start a business, but to make our world a better place.

In the past, new technologies were developed in information “silos” – that is, a company’s own R&D team would develop a new capability or product and try to dominate the market. The company would keep their research private to stay ahead of the competition. This internal R&D process does not lend itself to the research going on in academia, where universities perform their own R&D and serve as information and technology ecosystems.

Universities usually have limited exposure to potential industry partners, and technology transfer professionals often have difficulty getting their institution’s technology in front of the right people. Without this critical link between industry and academia, valuable research isn’t being utilized to its full potential.

Showcase Your Tech in a Secure Virtual Marketplace

Fortunately, more companies are seeking to connect with institutions and young startups. This open innovation is critical to getting the best technology in the hands of those who can help commercialize it, saving money for the organization and increasing the institution’s exposure.

seedsprint was designed to bridge the gap between industry and academia by providing a secure place for idea sharing. Our networking platform makes it easier for industry technology scouts to find projects without spending unnecessary resources – time and money – on finding them. Institutions can showcase their innovative projects and communicate securely with organizations they may not have had access to otherwise.

Corporate subscribers have high standards, which is why institutions and startups must be invited to publish a profile. Our profile builder allows users to create compact and actionable, summaries.

We understand the importance of keeping your information secure, which is why seedsprint offers a streamlined process for reviewing a project and communicating between subscribers. You can privately message a potential match, negotiate an NDA, and discuss specifics in encrypted online data rooms.

No matter the size of your institution, seedsprint showcases your tech and grows your network conveniently and securely. Create your profile today and join our worldwide virtual marketplace to get your tech seen – fast.

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