Partnering with Large Enterprise? Strive for "Product/Partner Fit"

Tags: open innovation, technology transfer, deep technology startups, emerging technology, startup industry partnerships, industry partnerships

Communication is one of the biggest challenges for deep tech startups that want to work with large enterprise.

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It Takes More Than Charm To Start Dialogue With A Startup

Tags: Tips for Corporates, open innovation, university technology transfer, deep technology startups

Picture this: You met the CSO of this great deep tech startup at a trade show and had a conversation about their technology. The following week, you sent an email that extolled their great approach and how you are eager learn more. You receive a polite brush-off.

You try again and CC somebody senior in your company to show how serious you are. You don’t even get a reply.

What are they scared of? You might wonder. Your firm could provide so many resources and could even end up buying the company. Why isn't the startup responding? Sometimes the startup might not be sure if they are ready for you – but sometimes, you might need to make an effort to build trust.

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