6 Emerging medtech companies profiled on SeedSprint

Medtech is an exciting field and is one of the fastest-growing sectors on SeedSprint. From wearables to interventional devices, to digital health and beyond, medtech is at the forefront of innovation. Here are six devices that have the potential to diagnose conditions faster, treat disease more accurately, and facilitate overall better health and patient care. 

(1) Articulate Labs (Focus: Orthopedics; Based in Dallas, Texas)

2020 Texas A&M New Ventures Competition semi-finalist and 2019 TechConnect Defense Innovation Award-winning company Articulate Labs is developing the wearable KneeStim device. KneeStim provides personalized, data-driven physical therapy. Worn around the knee, the device uses machine learning to analyze patient movement. Based on these movements, the device responds with directed neuromuscular electrical stimulation. KneeStim provides data to enable more personalized physical therapy that can be performed daily or as needed while being directed remotely by professional therapists. Ultimately, this style of physical therapy is more convenient and has the potential to increase compliance and improve post-surgery outcomes. At present, the KneeStim prototype has undergone a feasibility study. We can’t wait to see what’s next for Articulate Labs! View SeedSprint profile.

(2) Ergosuture (Focus: Surgical; Based in Boston, Massachusetts)

Ergosuture aims to improve deep-tissue suturing with its first product, Drive’N Roll. This handheld device uses rollers to grip the needle at the tip of the device. As such, sutures can be placed in any direction. In addition to allowing for minimally invasive suturing, surgeons can learn to operate the Drive’N Roll more easily than other handheld devices. Ultimately, the device makes suturing less expensive than robotic-assisted suturing. Moreover, their device is easy to maneuver, less strenuous to use, and faster than suturing by hand. View SeedSprint profile.

(3) Vixiar Medical (Focus: Cardiovascular; Based in Baltimore, Maryland)

Johns Hopkins spinout, Vixiar Medical, is developing a non-invasive, point-of-care system to monitor heart disease. The system consists of a device paired with a mobile app. The Vixiar Indicor utilizes a finger photoplethysmography sensor to determine intrathoracic volume by measuring pulse response to the Valsalva maneuver. Since pulse response changes in patients before more obvious symptoms appear, the company hopes to detect changes in cardiac health earlier. This way, the treating physician can make more informed decisions for patients with cardiopulmonary disease. So far, this technology has been tested in multiple clinical studies with promising results. View SeedSprint profile.

(4) Jogo Health (Focus: Digital Health, Orthopedics; Based in Bridgewater, New Jersey)

Jogo Health bridges cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence and virtual reality with physiotherapy through its wearable and connected mobile app. The technology takes advantage of neuroplasticity to rewire the brain to strengthen muscles and reduce pain. The company’s digital treatments can be used to treat neuromuscular conditions such as stroke, cerebral palsy, and chronic pain. Currently, Jogo Health is developing and commercializing several digital therapeutics that treat these conditions and more. View SeedSprint profile.

(5) OtoNexus Medical Technologies (Focus: Otology; Based in Seattle, Washington) 

OtoNexus Medical Technologies is revolutionizing the way that middle ear infections are diagnosed with its proprietary ultrasound otoscope. The scope uses Doppler ultrasound which works through the air, rather than a gel. The device collects and analyzes quantitative data on the fluid in the middle ear. This new data then allows physicians to accurately differentiate between viral and bacterial infections. Thus, the doctor can reduce the number of antibiotic prescriptions to only cases where they are necessary. In the end, these improvements to diagnosis decrease health care costs and the over-prescription of antibiotics. View SeedSprint profile.

(6) ThermopeutiX (Focus: Cardiovascular; Based in Poway, California)

ThermopeutiX specializes in catheter devices for diagnosing and treating cardiovascular diseases. The company’s TwinFlo catheter can transform the way an acute stroke is treated by inducing selective hypothermia. The device provides rapid cooling targeted regionally to the brain rather than the entire body. In the end, this rapid cooling provides neuroprotection from hypoxic damage. Further, it does so without side effects that may result from total-body hypothermia. In addition to delivering this quick and selective temperature change, ThermopeutiX’s TwinFlo Catheter can be used to simultaneously deliver therapeutics and diagnostic elements to the brain during the intervention. View SeedSprint profile.

These emerging medtech companies are uniquely poised to drastically improve patient care and health. They represent just a few of the many startups moving the field of medtech forward. Keep your eye out for future installments of Emerging Technology Companies Profiled on SeedSprint and discover more innovative startups with us!

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