5 Young life science companies on SeedSprint

The segment of “Emerging technology startups profiled on SeedSprint” features five life science companies whose tech is innovating treatment and detection efforts in various areas of health, from cancer to neurodegenerative diseases. These companies’ technologies evidence how small, molecular interventions can alter the human life course and display the power of life science R&D in affecting broad, evolutionary change. Read about their impact here!

(1) TargetGene Biotechnologies (Indication(s): Various; Based in Israel)

TargetGene has developed a precise gene-editing platform to treat and cure diseases by permanently editing patients’ DNA. The TargetGene Genome-Editing Engine (TGEE) uses two guide RNAs and allows for greater specificity, safety, and efficiency than existing treatments. As a result, it is possible to treat diseases with only a single treatment as opposed to chronic therapy. At present, Targtene’s TGEE system has been successfully implemented in human cell lines. The company hopes to apply it to human gene therapy soon. View SeedSprint Profile.

(2) Nyrada (Indication(s): Cardiovascular, Neuroscience, and Inflammatory; Based in Australia)

Nyrada is developing novel small molecule drugs for cardiovascular, neuroprotection, and inflammation treatments. The company’s cardiovascular program uses a PCSK9 inhibitor to treat high blood LDL-cholesterol levels in patients who cannot take statin drugs. The neuroprotection program aims to develop a drug that will limit the number of brain cells that die after a stroke or traumatic brain injury, hence reducing the associated long-term disability and improving patient outcomes. Nyrada is also developing drugs to treat inflammation in the cases of peripheral neuropathy and autoimmune diseases such as psoriasis. View SeedSprint Profile.

(3) PPB Technology (Indication(s): Various; Based in Australia)

PPB Technology has developed CYBERTONGUE®, a device that can detect lactose and proteases in milk samples in a matter of minutes. This allows producers to quickly test their supply to ensure quality and safety for consumption. CYBERTONGUE®’s biosensor technology is currently being expanded to detect other targets, including allergens, hormones, toxins, antibiotics, and biomarkers for various diseases. The company hopes to further develop its technology for applications in environmental monitoring, biosecurity, and health. View SeedSprint Profile.

(4) ADx Neurosciences (Indication(s): Neuroscience; Based in Belgium)

ADx Neurosciences is developing tailor-made biomarker assays to detect neurodegenerative diseases before symptoms appear. Their solutions are designed to fit individual needs and are scalable and suited for clinical use. This allows In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) companies to focus on drug development with the need for specific biomarkers already resolved. ADx’s portfolio includes biomarkers that detect Alzheimer’s pathology, neuronal damage, synapse degeneration, Lewy bodies, and more. The company is currently working towards ISO certification of its antibody production process. View SeedSprint Profile.

(5) Cellestia Biotech (Indication(s): Oncology; Based in Switzerland)

Cellestia is developing therapies to control pathogenic gene expression in cancer and autoimmune diseases. Their therapies involve selective inhibition of transcription factors in the cell nucleus which were previously undruggable targets. Recent advances have allowed for the identification of molecule binding pockets in these transcription factors that can be targeted with small molecule drugs. Their lead compound, CB-103, is currently in Phase 2 clinical development and is successfully treating patients with ACC, T-ALL, breast cancer, and rare NOTCH-positive tumors. View SeedSprint Profile.

Now more than ever, amidst Covid-19, the life sciences sector plays an essential role in preserving and improving global health. SeedSprint has a growing number of life science startups and technologies like these, and we are excited to see the impact their tech will continue to make.

Interested in learning more about the thousands of companies and technologies on SeedSprint? Keep an eye out for more segments “Emerging technology startups profiled on SeedSprint!”

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