The U.S. Race towards Artificial Intelligence

What do Stephen Hawking, the United States Government, and the Big Five tech companies all have in common? A stake in the rapidly expanding market of artificial intelligence.

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Technology Transfer & The Bayh-Dole Act

The landscape of technology transfer has changed a lot over the past 30+ years as evident with the Milken Report. Back when the Bayh-Dole Act was signed, licensing was the focus But, so much more than that has happened. Check out our infographic below on what's happened since 1980. From license numbers to the amount of active stratups and down to the top ranking universities (by licensing revenue).

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TTO Metrics are Innovating

The way in which Technology Transfer Offices (TTOs) are measured and evaluated is not consistent. Typing this into Google will result in roughly 60,000 hits but from opening a few of the publications it is clear that there is not a clear ranking system. However, the Milken Institute recently published its findings in a report titled The Best Universities for Technology Transfer.

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How To Impress Industry Tech Scouts As a Startup: 5 Tips

Tags: Tips for Startups

Industry partners can accelerate market entry for technology startups.

Unlike a venture captial raise, industry partnerships offer in kind resources: commercial scale-up experience, knowledge of the industry or market, regulatory expertise, access to critical first customer relationships – the list goes on.

If you are a deep tech startup, may not need any convincing about the benefits of industry collaboration – you want to know how to find the right partner and negotiate a good deal.

Here are five important things to do that can help you impress industry tech scouts and forge that make-or-break partnership.

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Coach Your Startups to Commercialization

Tags: Tips for Institutions

When it comes to securing partnerships, funding, and interest on technologies and/or startups, there are a multitude of things that can halt the process – most of which are outside the sphere of control of the TTO or the PI. [A lot of them can be attributed to the Valley of Death] With all of those unknowns floating around, it is important to take some time and figure out how to execute what is in your sphere of control.

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Balance & Strengthen Academic/Industry Partnerships

We have talked about the decline in corporate research and how that can in turn lead to great opportunity for academic and industry partnerships and furthermore how each entity can leverage their strengths and apply them to working with each other in order to achieve maximum results in collaborations.

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The Lean Startup & Corporate Innovation

Tags: Tips for Corporates

McKinsey put together 3 videos where corporate CEOs shared how their companies were implementing open innovation practices and what they found exciting about open innovation.  Scott Cook, Intuit’s CEO, made a comment that he thinks corporations need the lean method more than startups do. My ears piqued and thus I went on an online exploration of Cook’s thoughts on why corporations should act like lean startups. It turns out that he has been saying this for years, articles date back to 2011.

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For TTOs: The Growing Opportunity for Industry Collaboration

Previously on the blog, we discussed this research paper on the decline of corporate research over the past 35+ years.

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Decline in Corporate Research? or, Increased Partnership Opportunities?

I recently came across an interesting research paper that details the potential reasons that corporate R&D has seen a decline in activity and was left feeling very positive about how shifts in industry behavior have changed the opportunity for research in academia or elsewhere. Between 1980-2007, the number of patent declarations from industry has decreased but the total number of total patents declared  has not declined. Furthermore the age of technology used in products is not getting older.

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