9 startups on SeedSprint aiding in the fight against Covid-19

In this installment of ‘Emerging technology startups profiled on SeedSprint’, we recognize 9 startups that are leveraging their technologies to combat the Covid-19 pandemic. These startups have transformed their existing innovations or ramped up the development of new tech to help address the multifaceted challenges presented by the virus.

Here are some of the startups that you’ll find on SeedSprint that are at the forefront of the fight against Covid-19:

(1) NS Nanotech (Technology area: Optics and Electronics, Based in Michigan, USA)

NS Nanotech’s ShortWaveLight™ Emitters produce invisible UV light via their patented nitride semiconductor technology. This far-UVC light inactivates human coronaviruses and flu viruses. The technology offers the ability to disinfect without contact and the hazard of current germicidal UV lights. The Emitters are integrated into their personal, portable ShortWaveLight™ Purifiers. These devices can disinfect both surfaces and air to help reduce the spread of Covid-19. View SeedSprint profile.

(2) AccuBreath (Technology area: Medical Devices, Based in Utah, USA)

AccuBreath has developed a portable and easy-to-use ventilator that has the potential to treat Covid-19 patients requiring ventilation in emergencies, or patients at home needing temporary assistance. The company’s ventilator can be powered by either battery or a wall power source. Further, it can be operated by users who are not medical professionals. AccuBreath is currently finishing its prototype and plans to apply for FDA Emergency Use Authorization to help meet the demand for ventilators during future waves of the pandemic. View SeedSprint profile.

(3) NuvOx Pharma (Technology Area: Pharmaceuticals, Based in Arizona, USA)

We previously featured NuvOx Pharma on our blog for their novel NanoO2™ technology. NanoO2™ increases the delivery of oxygen from the lungs to the tissue via dodecafluoropentane microbubbles. In response to the current health crisis, NuvOx has begun exploring their NanoO2™ technology as a treatment for Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS), which is a serious complication of Covid-19. The company is currently in phase IIa clinical trials for the treatment of ARDS in Covid-19 patients. View SeedSprint profile.

(4) Breathe99 (Technology Area: Medical Devices, Based In: Minnesota, USA)

Breathe99 has developed industrial-grade B2 filters and facemasks to help protect against environmental aerial contaminants and aerosols. These B2 filters are composed of four layers, including two filtering polypropylene layers. The spun-bond polypropylene layer’s electrostatic charge traps particles as small as 0.1 micrometers. Meanwhile, the melt-blown polypropylene layer’s fine mesh physically obstructs particles. The masks’ filters can be replaced and their accompanying outer covering is washable and reusable, which reduces waste compared to other industrial face masks. Breathe99’s masks are commercially available for non-medical use. In the longer term, the company plans to seek certification for medical use from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. View SeedSprint profile.

(5) MindCheck (Technology Area: Digital Health, Based in Australia)

MindCheck has developed a series of web-based mental health assessments. Users can take these assessments to check and track their levels of anxiety, depression, and stress. MindCheck’s assessments are completely confidential. Users can take advantage of the tool to increase awareness of their emotional state, assess environmental and lifestyle factors that may contribute to distress, and select from individualized recommendations and actions to address their needs. The current health crisis has been socially and emotionally taxing for all, so MindCheck’s online software is a great way to stay on top of your mental and emotional health. MindCheck’s assessments are available to both individuals and organizations. View SeedSprint profile.

(6) Aequor (Technology Area: Chemical, Based in California, USA)

We previously featured Aequor in another edition of ’emerging technology startups profiled on SeedSprint’ for their innovative non-toxic biocides and dispersants. We think their technology is pretty neat. In response to Covid-19, Aequor’s microbial testing has been busy advising businesses on effective cleaning protocols so they can operate safely. At the same time, Aequor has been hard at work continuously improving its antimicrobial cleaners and water treatments. Their hope is to tackle resistant ‘superbugs’ using nontoxic formulations to protect our health as well as the environment. View SeedSprint profile.

(7) Enable Biosciences (Technology Area: Diagnostics, Based in California, USA)

Enable Biosciences has leveraged their antibody detection platform to create highly sensitive and specific immunoassays for SARS-CoV-2 antibodies. Their assays can be used in both serum and dried blood spot samples. Their ADAP (Antibody Detection by Agglutination PCR) diagnostic platform works by binding to antibodies via a DNA-antigen conjugate. The aggregates that form from these antigen-DNA conjugates and human antibodies can then be detected and quantified via PCR. The company’s SARS-CoV-2 serum assay has been approved by the FDA for emergency use. Meanwhile, they have submitted their dried blood spot assay to the FDA for review; it is currently available for research use. View SeedSprint profile.

(8) Liberate Medical (Technology Area: Medical Devices, Based in Kentucky, USA)

Advanced Covid-19 cases often require patients to receive mechanical ventilation. Among other complications, ventilation can lead to respiratory muscle atrophy if use is prolonged. Disuse muscle atrophy can make weaning off of mechanical ventilation difficult, lengthen ICU stays, and increase mortality. Luckily, Liberate Medical’s novel VentFree Respiratory Muscle Stimulator prevents respiratory muscle atrophy via electrical stimulation to contract respiratory muscles in sync with mechanical respiration. This method can be used from the onset of mechanical ventilation, which may reduce the length of time that patients must be ventilated. Liberate Medical’s ventilator has received emergency use authorization in the US and has received CE marking in the EEA. View SeedSprint profile.

(9) Grip Molecular (Technology Area: Diagnostics, Based in Minnesota, USA)

Grip Molecular is developing a chip-based Covid-19 diagnostic test that uses 3D printed graphene nanoelectronics to detect both nucleic acid and antibodies in patient samples. The assay uses solid-state electronics rather than chemical reagents, making it fast, cost-effective, and portable. By detecting both nucleic acid and antibodies, the test can determine the state of Covid infections, and can even be read on a smartphone. GRIP Molecular is working to rapidly develop its technology, which has the potential to lead to faster and more complete Covid-19 diagnoses. View SeedSprint profile.

Innovations like these will help limit the spread of Covid-19 and lead to better health outcomes for patients. We commend these startups for channeling their expertise to help tackle the diverse challenges that we face as a result of the current health crisis.

Keep your eyes peeled for future installments of ‘Emerging technologies profiled on SeedSprint’ to learn about more impactful technologies and startups!

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