Featured Member: Experience Cells Like Never Before with Nanolive’s 3D Cell Explorer

seedsprint’s new member startup, Nanolive, developed the 3D Cell Explorer – an incredible technology that delivers, for the first time, tomography of living cells without damaging it and with a resolution typically available only with very expensive confocal or SEM tools. Nanolive’s light microscope delivers resolution that good for a fraction of the price.

After placing the cellular specimen in the device, the 3D Cell Explorer performs a continuous rotational scan, while software allows displaying the cell on your computer in color and 3D within a second. Save your raw images and not only re-reuse them, but re-stain them too. Learn more at www.nanolive.ch

Even though a commercial version of the 3D Cell Explorer won’t be available until later this year, you can pre-order it now on special terms. For seedsprint members the savings are even bigger and for every 15 pre-orders placed a deserving high school will receive a microscope. Get exciting new life-science technology and help future scientists at deserving high schools.

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