A statement of support and plan of action: July 17 update

Dear SeedSprint Community,

Over the past few weeks, our team has been busy gathering the resources and conducting the research needed to get our SeedSprint 100 Hours Project off the ground! Through a series of internal dialogues and external engagements with Diversity, Equity & Inclusion consultants and experts, we have sought to clarify how to best move this project forward in service of BIPOC communities, scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs. On that note, we’re grateful for those of you who have already contributed to this project, which we first announced on our blog last month

What’s next? We’ve accelerated our pace and are moving forward swiftly. This means landing a DEI Partner, and in partnership with them, clarifying the arc of the project, including a program description, selection criteria, application materials, and a project timeline. We will aim to share our next meaningful progress update by early August. It is also our goal to reach as many people as possible when we launch. Therefore, we welcome any recommendations you have for message boards, websites, or other platforms where we should (re)post the details of the SeedSprint 100 Hours Project. Feel free to leave your advice in the comments below, and/or email Aviva at [email protected]. Stay tuned for our next update! 

All the best,

The SeedSprint Team

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