seedsprint Launches Platform for Technology Startups and Industry

announces the public launch of its open innovation platform, bringing together industry partners and high-quality technologies spun out of leading scientific research at universities and laboratories. seed is like a speed-dating service, quickly clearing the path for potential partners to figure out for themselves if there’s a fit.

Based on extensive testing with corporate tech scouts, seed combines a searchable data base of highly-structured, non-confidential profiles with an internal messaging and work-process system. Users from either side can initiate contact, and move quickly and privately from reviewing non-confidential profiles, to private messaging, to secure exchange of due diligence materials.

is free for institutions and young companies and available to corporate subscribers at a flat annual fee. Without transaction fees or intermediaries, seedsprint stays completely neutral.

In development for two years, seed’s expanding network includes paid subscribers from industry such as Celanese, Clariant, DSM, Merck Group, Stryker and the fuel-cell JV of Daimler and Ford, AFCC.

Currently, about 60 leading university research centers, labs, incubators and accelerators, from the US, Australia, Europe, Israel and Mexico are platform members. US-based seed is actively opening up to European membership and recently added Norway’s NTNU, whose Kavli Institute is home to Nobel-laureate couple, Drs. May-Britt & Edvard Moser, winners of the 2014 Physiology/Medicine prize.

To meet the high standards of corporate subscribers, startups and technology profiles are published by invitation only. With seed’s profile-builder, users create and publish compact, actionable, and technically-informative summaries within minutes. Typically, members refer affiliated startups to profile themselves, and licensors can create profiles of selected technologies, available for development.

Jon Lillian, seed’s founder, developed and launched the platform to respond to a basic challenge for industry technology watch: figuring out early on if a project is worth a deep-dive review. “Years of advisory engagements with industry clients kept revealing a big need: ability to have sufficient information to determine if a project looks to be worth a costly ‘deep-dive review.’” The key was to integrate non-confidential profiles with enough technical detail to be actionable, and link the directory to a streamlined process with secure communications and due diligence. You go from the profile review, to private messaging and NDA negotiation, to due diligence, with encrypted, online data rooms. We check profiles for sufficiency, but otherwise stay out of the way, so subscribers and technology teams can do their jobs and see if there’s a fit.

Free for startups and universities; corporate subscribers pay a flat annual fee, and no per-seat charges.


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