5 green chemistry startups profiled on SeedSprint

In this installment of ‘Emerging technology startups profiled on seedsprint,’ we explore startups using green chemistry to make chemical processes more sustainable.

So what is green chemistry? Green chemistry aims to increase atom economy and reduce hazardous materials in chemical manufacturing. Modern takes on green chemistry integrate the concept of the circular economy. If you aren’t familiar with this term, the circular economy seeks to use renewable resources as inputs and keep non-renewables from leaving as waste.

Here are some exciting green chemistry startups integrating these eco-friendly principles that you’ll find on SeedSprint!

(1) DexLeChem (Berlin, Germany)

DexLeChem is developing sustainable synthesis processes for chiral fragrance and flavor products. The company reuses chiral catalysts and optimizes separation in aqueous solutions. By making these changes to the process, the extensive extractions needed for racemic mixtures are decreased and the process becomes more efficient. In the end, DexLeChem’s processes are cost-and-time effective and produce ecologically sustainable chemistry solutions. View SeedSprint profile.

(2) P2 Science (Connecticut, USA)

P2 Science spun out from Yale University in 2011. The company develops proprietary green chemistry technologies with a focus on ‘process intensification’ meant to mimic nature’s chemistry. Their PIOz™ Ozonolysis, PICE™ Continuous Etherification, PIOx™ Oxidation, and PIRe™ Reduction technologies convert feedstocks to flavor, fragrance, and cosmetic chemicals. Typically, these chemicals are derived from petroleum. Luckily, P2’s green chemicals provide a great alternative. They are renewable, safer, and more cost-effective than their petroleum-derived counterparts. P2 recently launched a new bioderived ingredient for hair, skin, and deodorant–what will they come up with next? View SeedSprint profile.

(3) Aequor (California, USA)

Dispersants, cleaning agents, and other biocides are essential consumer and agricultural products. However, these important chemicals are traditionally made using toxic manufacturing processes. As an alternative, Aequor has developed a line of non-toxic cleaners, cosmetics, dispersants, medical device coatings, and drug candidates. In addition to their sustainability, Aeqor’s chemicals are antibiofilm and antimicrobial. The company offers a diverse product line and services that have the potential to elevate the sustainability of industries from agriculture to consumer products to veterinary medicine. Since Covid-19, Aequor’s microbial testing team has been busy helping businesses improve their cleaning protocols so they can open safely. View SeedSprint profile.

(4) Zymtronix (New York, USA)

Zymtronix’s novel technology increases the quality and efficiency of biocatalysis reactions by immobilizing enzymes on metallic metasurfaces. After being entrapped on the magnetic matrix, enzymes have increased catalytic activity and are protected from environmental conditions. They can then be extracted and reused. Zymtronix’s technology is currently being used to fight agricultural pathogens, make industrial chemistry more sustainable, and screen chemicals for human safety. We can’t wait to see what’s next for the company! View SeedSprint profile.

(5) Virent, Inc (Wisconsin, USA)

Virent, a subsidiary of Marathon Petroleum Corporation, is commercializing its patented BioForming® technology. The technology transforms plant sugars from feedstock into a variety of hydrocarbon products. Virent uses Life Cycle Assessments to optimize their use of resources and diminish the production of air and water pollutants and greenhouse gases. Virent’s BioForming® technology is currently being used to produce renewable fuels to take the place of petroleum products. View SeedSprint profile.

Green chemistry companies like those on SeedSprint will develop some of the most crucial innovations to ensure the health of humans and the planet. By combining ecologically and economically sustainable principles, these developments will propel us into a more renewable future.

Keep an eye out for future installments of ‘Emerging technology startups profiled on SeedSprint’ to discover more game-changing ideas and technologies!


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