seedsprint boosts startup traction while broadening your industry network for new opportunities in licensing & sponsored research


Technology transfer office

seedsprint ’s unique approach leverages your startups to reveal the value and practicality of your institution’s research.  Every one of your profiled startups demonstrates the commercial potential of your research. There’s no more powerful indicator of the value of your patent portfolio, or of the benefits to industry partners from collaborative research with your institution.

Why seedsprint was created

Why seed sprint was created

Let your startups fill real gaps, quickly and effectively – with industry partners

Our platform connects startups that licensed technologies from your TTO with industry partners that valuable, specialized resources – like scale-up insights, pilot facilities, 1st-customer access, ecosystem knowledge, regulatory knowledge, contract manufacturing - can save young companies precious time and conserve capital. By helping your startups and spinouts gain access to industry partners, your technology transfer offices increases its own visibility. And it’s all direct: potential industry partners and startups can reach out to each other on an informed basis – no time gets wasted on dialogue where there’s no fit.

Why seed sprint was created

For TTOs - your startups demonstrate real commercial value of your research

The visibility of your startups on seedsprint increases your TTO’s exposure to tech scouts for all of your institution’s technologies and research. Meaningful dialogue with industry partners strengthens your network, delivering commercialization benefits for your startups and while creating new licensing and sponsored research opportunities for you. You can use the platform actively to find, and reach out directly to industry tech scouts actively looking for technologies like yours.

Why seed sprint was created

It’s easy, it’s got metrics, and it’s all free!

Designed for busy TTOs, seedsprint keeps a small footprint, using a simple and intuitive interface. In addition to the tech scout access and corporate profiles, you get metrics not only about overall search terms, but also about how your technologies were found. And seedsprint is, and will stay, completely free, for you and your startups.

Why seed sprint was created

Get uplift for your technologies without burdening your workflow.

The profiles created by the startups you invite increase visibility and traffic to your TTO. You can get even more exposure by profiling a few key technologies available for license. By picking a technology that’s representative of a research group’s work, and adding a few keywords and URLs to your website, you can quickly showcase related patents and even research programs, without creating extra work for yourselves.

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How it works

How it works

Sign up and invite your startups

 Setting-up an account is simple, and free. Using it creates no exclusivity, rights or obligations. Click the “invite” button from your dashboard to open a pre-formatted e-mail. Add the person name and email address and you’re done! Or send us a list of startups and we’ll do the inviting for you.

Showcase your technologies

When you’ve selected a representative technology, use our profile-builder to quickly put together a powerful, compact summary. Tech scouts can reach out to you right from that profile.

Dialogue with tech scouts

 You don’t have to wait for a scout to contact you. Go through our corporate profiles to find what industry scouts are looking for. When you find a fit with a technology you’re trying to license send them a message. With seedsprint you get a reply!

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