seedsprint gets young companies in front of industry partners with valuable resources for real traction - and it's free!


Technology scouting teams are looking for startups.

Our open innovation platform lets emerging technology companies like yours reach out to technology scouting teams with resources that can bridge critical gaps and really make the difference for: scale-up, customer acceptance, market entry, manufacturing and distribution.

Why seedsprint was created

Free of charge

Free of charge, private and secure

Free. Young companies pay no fees. Period. Private. Our password-protected network lets you decide with whom you dialogue. No intermediaries and no web spillover. Secure.  To ensure security of account information and communications, seed sprint uses SSL [128-bit] encryption. Read more about our security policy.

Dialogue directly with industry tech scouts and find the right fit

Your seedsprint profile is a powerful, non-confidential summary that helps tech scouts see the fit between you and them because it’s designed for the way they like to work. Look like a fit? Either side can start the dialogue.

Accelerate market entry with valuable industry resources

seedsprint is the fastest and most direct route to tech watch teams and the industry resources that you are looking for. Resources that go beyond financing: scale-up know-how, extensive equipment and pilot facilities, manufacturing experience, customer relationships, and a partners with deep knowledge of the ecosystem targeted by your new products.

Ready to get started?

Ready to get started?

How it works

How it works

Ask for invitation

 To maintain the quality expected by our industry subscribers, emerging technology companies join seedsprint by invitation.

Publish a profile & create optional deep-dive package

 Put together a non-confidential profile about your startup. Use our template - developed in cooperation with some of the world’s leading corporate innovation managers – and publish your profile on our private network, so potential partners can reach out to you. seedsprint gives you an encrypted Virtual Data Room for you to store confidential information.

Start a dialogue and get ready for serious discussions

 Browse through corporate profiles to see what kinds of technology they are seeking. And you don't need to wait for them to contact you, if you find a fit - seedsprint’s private messaging system lets you reach out to the technology watch team. When it’s time for confidential discussions, your NDA is available right from your profile. Once accepted, you can authorize access to your Virtual Data Room. It’s all auditable and it’s all online.

Industry partners

industry partner AFCC DaimlerFord
industry partner celanese
industry partner clariant
industry partner dsm
industry partner merck
industry partner stryker
industry partner ips
industry partner scigrip