SeedSprint member, ClearLeaf, advances sustainable crop protection

Over the last two decades, the toxicity of hundreds of pesticides in the United States doubled for pollinators and other species that contribute to ecological balance. Pesticides are meant to protect crops from harmful pests. However, they can end up doing more harm than good.

As environmental sustainability becomes an increasingly important issue, more and more companies aim to offer healthier and more sustainable solutions

Paving the way to safer crop protection strategies

Part of the 500 FoodTech companies to watch by Forward Fooding, ClearLeaf is a Costa Rica-based startup. The company develops sustainable crop protection strategies. Through these strategies, ClearLeaf aims to protect the environment and optimize farmers’ profits.

As a nation, Costa Rica is a global leader in sustainability. More recently, the country has experienced rapid growth in technology innovation, especially in the life sciences.

ClearLeaf’s mission is to treat plants as carefully as we would with our skin. It’s a valuable approach since traditionally, pest control can lead to a number of long-term problems. For example, pest control methods can weaken soil, cause environmental destruction, and cause health problems for workers and consumers.

ClearLeaf’s solution to these problems is a line of non-toxic contact-action liquid emulsions that enhance plant growth while simultaneously managing pests.

Emerging into the Global Market

Recently, ClearLeaf’s flagship GotaBlanca® product obtained a certificate of conformity to the Europe Union Organic Standard. At the same time, the company raised a $500,000 Seed Round. Now, ClearLeaf is beginning to raise a Seed Plus Round of $2.5 million.

“We are also in the process of moving our headquarters into the US to facilitate growth into that market, better also for IP protection and lastly, be closer to our new investors and strategic partners,” says Nestor Zuniga, ClearLeaf’s Managing Director.

In other news, the company secured a broad distribution agreement with one of the largest agrochemicals distributors in Costa Rica and Central America.

“We are proud to open this new chapter for ClearLeaf. We already have interested investors for this Seed Plus Round and are open to hearing from more, to go forward with the development of our Company and our vision for safe and sustainable agriculture,” says Zuniga.

Growth for Startups

As startups like ClearLeaf emerge into the market, they often face new challenges. Some of the most common challenges can include scaling production capabilities, gaining access to new markets, and securing funding to fuel continued growth.

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