Interested in Collaborating with Samsung? Applications for new Startup Acceleration Program due April 17!

Samsung is currently accepting applications for a 6-month startup acceleration program for young companies with technology that can enhance or be used with Samsung products. The program, called Samsung Startup Acceleration Program (SAP), will award five startups a $100K grant and provide development support. The program is open to companies based in the US and Canada. Read on to learn more about the program, and be aware that applications close on April 17!

Samsung’s program is a great fit with many startups on SeedSprint. After all, our core mission is to facilitate collaboration between emerging technology and industry. Samsung’s SAP program is an excellent source of both funding and development and expertise for young companies with promising technology to work with an important player in the consumer electronics space.

Our team sat down with Raul Quino, Director of Technology Strategy and Partnerships at Samsung Research America, to learn more about the program.

SeedSprint: How does Samsung SAP fit into the company innovation strategy? Is it supposed to identify completely new technologies that turn into products or to fill in specific gaps?

Raul: Today, the program’s primary goals are to accelerate the launch of specific technologies that complement Samsung technologies. We are looking for technology or solution that can be applied to Mobile, TV, wearable, and future robot products. While we want to work with companies whose technology is in their roadmap, we are also eager to look at innovative products and encourage any company to apply. 

SeedSprint: Who is involved in evaluating submissions for the program? Does Samsung Corporate Ventures get involved, or the R&D departments?

Raul: The selection process is coordinated by Samsung Research America, Samsung Ventures, and Samsung R&D.

SeedSprint: Do you like when submissions detail how they see the fit with Samsung? Do you expect it? 

 Raul: This program was specifically made to work with companies that have a strong fit with Samsung’s products. The fit with Samsung is, in fact, one of the questions we ask companies when applying for the program. 

SeedSprint: If you could snap your fingers and have whatever technology you want – what kinds of tech would come through the accelerator?

Raul: There are too many to name, but some technologies we are excited about include: display technologies for battery, on-device AI, camera technology, computer vision, advanced materials, sensors, battery technology, audio technology, AR, wearables, home robotics, gaming, GreenTech, IoT, social platforms, CSR, and health/fitness.

Interested in Samsung SAP? Applications close on April 17th and can be submitted here. You can also reach out to [email protected] for more information. Best of luck to all who apply!  


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