5 Emerging Technology Materials Startups Profiled on seedsprint

We’re starting a new feature on our blog, profiling hot technologies on seedsprint within a given scientific domain. 

Today, we present 5 cutting-edge companies in advanced materials science:


A technology-development company, whose expertise and intellectual property will help industry-scale producers of light metals, specifically magnesium, and technical ceramics lower their production costs and reduce their harmful emissions.

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A super-hydrophobic nano-particle coating based on an ALD/CVD deposition process of aluminum. The technology was developed as a conformal coating for protecting printed circuit boards from water damage. Products coated with this composite film exhibit excellent resilience when exposed to aqueous solutions. The nano-particle based film has a tunable durability such that the coating can be applied directly over electrical connectors without masking, thus offering unique protection over entire assemblies.

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Ligar Polymers develops Molecularly Imprinted Polymers (MIPs) which filter, extract or detect specific molecules of interest. MIPs are polymers designed to remove very specific molecules from a flow—even at ppb levels.  MIPs are designed to work in a wide range of fluids, temperatures, pH ranges, flow rates and pressures. This filtration technology solves painful contamination problems and extracts valuable molecules, thus reducing costs.

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Geckos’ feet are covered in millions of tiny hairs that give them their impressive climbing ability. nanoGriptech produces synthetic microfibers that attach to and grip to surfaces by attraction on a molecular scale, just like geckos’ feet. nanoGriptech manufactures glue-free adhesives from these microfibers that are reusable and residue-free.  They also manufacture fasteners that are flexible, silent, and hermetic, as well as high friction materials that perform even when wet or oily, all with customizable strength (shear/peel, directional).

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Revolution Fibres is an advanced materials company and a global leader in manufacturing nanofibres using electro-spinning machines and designing commercial nanofibre products that have many incredible physical properties. Revolution Fibres has the infrastructure, expertise, and a commercial track record of turning nanofibre into useful products.

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