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Searching our comprehensive database of IP-based technologies, from university tech transfer offices to mature deep tech startups. seedsprint makes it easy to find new research and startups from the world's best universities and accelerators, all in one place.

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Why seed sprint was created


Read concise technology profiles

Each technology and startup profile is designed with industry technology scouts in mind, so that you can decide quickly if a technology or startup warrants a closer look. Profiles include key information like collaboration goals, development tasks, and IP status.


Why seed sprint was created


Reach the right people

There is a person behind every seedsprint profile. Start conversations with technology transfer staff, startup founders, and decision-makers via the platform with our direct messaging system. Online NDA management and data rooms with encryption make confidential discussions simpler than ever.




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High-quality, hard science-based startups and technologies

Our growing catalogue of compact, graphical and informative profiles is a one-stop resource for tech scouting. seedsprint captures the full range of technology readiness, from IP-based startups to technologies available for license – and research labs. Our invitation-driven recruitment model targets technologies from innovative research institutions and science-based startups. Request a demo to learn about pricing.

Designed to let tech scouts focus on candidates that fit

Based on extensive collaboration with seasoned corporate tech scouts, seedsprint profiles were designed to provide enough insight for a scout to decide confidently if candidate deserves a deeper look. Our structured, non-confidential profiles contain technology description, collaboration goals, links to published IP, team member CVs, target applications, milestones achieved, future development tasks, more. Click for a preview of our institution and startup members.

Streamlines workflow and keeps your activities secure, discreet and efficient

The seedsprint platform simplifies communication between tech watch and potential partners. seedsprint brings all communication onto one platform and ensures that all of your moves stay private. From first review to virtual due dilligence, everything you do on seedsprint is private and SSL-secured. Read more about our security policy.

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Why create a profile?

 You can create a corporate profile to increase the chances of finding candidates that fit. Spell out what you’re looking for, or leave it in broad strokes. You have the power to restrict who can contact you: startups, universities or incubators – and whether you want other corporate subscribers to see your profile.

How do I search?

 Our full-text search lets you use natural terms to find what you’re looking for. You can filter using a variety criteria such as market applications, development stage, funding, revenue, and collaboration goals. Keep your finger on the pulse of innovation with custom watch lists and alerts for new listings.

Is seedsprint private?

The content in all seedsprint profiles is non-confidential. When you want to share sensitive information, it's easy to have secure confidential conversations on seedsprint. Going from discovery to a signed NDA has never been simpler with encrypted, auditable data rooms.

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