A New Generation of AI Startups Is Shaking Up Legacy Industries

Tags: collaboration, open innovation, tech transfer, emerging technology

Some economists are arguing that the machine learning revolution is off slow start – but that we're about to see a major acceleration.

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How to Ask for the Industry Partnerships You Want As a Startup

Tags: tech transfer, emerging technology, industry partnerships

"It’s a tedious process to get the licensing deals and get yourself up and running."

 Daniel Strohmayr, CEO of material startup Tacterion

As you begin to pursue industry partnerships you quickly learn that finding the right collaboration partner can be tedious.

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5 Must Ask Questions for Potential Industry Partners

Tags: open innovation, tech transfer, emerging technologies

For startups, partnerships can help you avoid the dreaded valley of death.

However, industry partnerships require proactive communication from both sides.

As you get closer to a partnership agreement, make sure that you ask these five questions of your potential industry partners.

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