The Growing Opportunity for Industry-University Collaboration

Date: March 03, 2017 Posted by: Elysia Cooper

Two weeks ago we talked about an interesting research paper that discussed the trend of the decline of corporate research over the past 35+ years.  The paper concludes with both a pessimistic outlook and a positive outlook. My first thought when I read it was, this is great, this means opportunity, collaboration, partnerships, innovation!


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Opportunity for corporate R&D and universities to work together;

Increased sponsored research agreements;

Opportunity for scientific startups to work with industry leaders;

Accelerated innovation opportunity;

Sharing of resources; 

Opportunity for everyone.


If corporations are focusing more of their efforts on the commercialization of technologies, that leaves a great opening for both researchers and entrepreneurs alike to collaborate with the industry experts and take their IP and products to the next level.

The article does point out that there is financial pressure from business development managers and that perhaps they seek sponsored research with universities or collaborations that are lower risk.  Or, they are looking for startups that have prototypes and concepts ready. In the sciences this is very encouraging information because some things, like therapeutics, can take 10-15 years to commercialize. Moral of the story, don’t give up, there is opportunity out there!

So, how exactly are you going to promote your work and maximize the available opportunity? 

  1. Join a researcher or startup network
  2. Tap into your alumni resources or TTO
  3. Showcase your technology with seedsprint

To prepare yourself for potential meetings with tech scouts, check out our post on how to impress tech watch. Or, if you are ready to promote yourself and your research, consider joining seedsprint - a community that connects industry partners to research in order to identify commercialization and collaboration opportunities.




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