Balance & Strengthen Academic/Industry Partnerships

We have talked about the decline in corporate research and how that can in turn lead to great opportunity for academic and industry partnerships and furthermore how each entity can leverage their strengths and apply them to working with each other in order to achieve maximum results in collaborations.

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The Lean Startup & Corporate Innovation

Tags: Tips for Corporates

McKinsey put together 3 videos where corporate CEOs shared how their companies were implementing open innovation practices and what they found exciting about open innovation.  Scott Cook, Intuit’s CEO, made a comment that he thinks corporations need the lean method more than startups do. My ears piqued and thus I went on an online exploration of Cook’s thoughts on why corporations should act like lean startups. It turns out that he has been saying this for years, articles date back to 2011.

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For Research Institutions: The Growing Opportunity for Industry Collaboration

Recent research tells us that corporate research has become less centralized in the last 35+ years.

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