Introduction to Intellectual Property and Research Institutions

For a private citizen inventor, intellectual property management can be a challenge – and an expensive one.

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How to Ask for the Industry Partnerships You Want As a Startup

Tags: tech transfer, emerging technology, industry partnerships

"It’s a tedious process to get the licensing deals and get yourself up and running."

 Daniel Strohmayr, CEO of material startup Tacterion

As you begin to pursue industry partnerships you quickly learn that finding the right collaboration partner can be tedious.

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DNA Sequencing And A New Generation of Biotech and Genetics Startups

Tags: open innovation, biotech, genetics, research and development

Many emerging biotech and genetics startups are amking use of new DNA sequencing (also called Next Generation Sequencing) technologies. These much-hyped advances in sequencing make it cheaper than ever to understand human and animal genomes – opening up many new possibilities for entrepreneurship.

This week, we added startups from University of California-affiliated QB3 to Seedsprint that use this new technology. These startups draw on the vast research resources of the UC system to solve some of the thorniest problems in the life sciences – including cancer treament and personalized medicine.

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Tough Challenges and Real Solutions for Hardware Startups

Tags: hardware startups

Hardware startups grow differently than software-only startups. But when founders take advantage of new resources, we believe that hardware startups can claim their rightful place among the most successful tech companies in the world.

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Partnering with Large Enterprise? Strive for "Product/Partner Fit"

Tags: open innovation, technology transfer, deep technology startups, emerging technology, startup industry partnerships, industry partnerships

Communication is one of the biggest challenges for deep tech startups that want to work with large enterprise.

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For Startups: An Introduction to Industry Partnerships

Tags: industry, open innovation, technology transfer, startups

Interested in industry partnerships for science-based startups? Read on for tips about partnerships written for first-time startup founders.

Who manages industry partnerships?

Most often, startups work with technology scouts in order to forge a partnership.

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Licensing University Patents as a Startup

Tags: technology transfer, university patents, university technology transfer, ttos

For entrepreneurs that are interested in licensing university inventions, the process of licensing a patent might seem intimidating.

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How to Spark Partnerships with Scandinavian Startups and Universities

Tags: scandinavian startups

Relationships are essential for open innovation. When looking for new technologies, personal connections with universities, startup havens or incubators can give your firm a competitve edge.

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The Partnerships Boom for Self-Driving Car Startups

Tags: Tips for Startups, Tips for Corporates, Self-driving cars

Self-driving car technology has everyone in a frenzy.

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