7 medtech startups profiled on SeedSprint

Epitel’s wearable seizure-monitoring device.

In this installment of “Emerging technology startups profiled on seedsprint,” we feature seven medtech startups from around the world! If you are not familiar with the term medtech, we’ll break it down for you. Medtech is a common abbreviation for ‘medical technology’ and refers to medical devices, therapeutics, diagnostics, and other medical solutions that aim to improve quality of life. With this important mission and new advancements in knowledge and technologies, medtech innovations are growing rapidly. Here are some medtech startups you’ll find on seedsprint.

1. Epitel (Utah, USA): Epitel’s pioneering technology, Epilog™, combines artificial intelligence with a wearable EEG monitoring device that predicts seizures and alerts the wearer, treating physician, and emergency contacts as needed via a mobile application. Epitel helps give epilepsy patients the freedom to make informed decisions about their health and lifestyle via a discrete device wirelessly connected to a smartphone. The technology is currently undergoing pre-clinical studies with plans to launch in 2021. View seedsprint profile

2. GratXray (Switzerland): GratXray, a spin-off from the Paul Scherrer Institute, develops phase contrast-enhanced x-ray imaging systems that detect breast cancer by employing its patented system, Grating-Interferometry Breast-Computed-Tomography (GI-BCT). This technology is currently in the prototype phase and allows for better detection of breast tumors with decreased radiation exposure, without required contrast agents, and with improved patient comfort. By increasing diagnostic accuracy and reducing patient stress, GratXray makes important improvements to the current standard of care. View seedsprint profile

3. Vesalius Medical Technologies (Belgium): Vesalius’s ABLAflex™ technology addresses an important but often forgotten medical problem—bursitis, or chronic inflammation of the fluid-filled bursa that cushion the joints. ABLAflex™ is currently undergoing clinical trials for the treatment of bursitis through a minimally invasive device that perfuses the inflamed tissue with physiological saline, providing pain relief. This is accomplished in a single treatment and avoids the need for the chronic use of pain killers and anti-inflammatory medicines. In parallel, the company developed a Radiofrequency ablation (RFA) device, ABLAsure™, which yields reliable coagulation in diseased tissues. View seedsprint profile

4. RTM Vital Signs (Pennsylvania, USA): RTM, which is affiliated with Thomas Jefferson University, builds real-time vital signs monitoring devices that save lives. They currently focus on cardiovascular and respiratory monitoring. Their respiratory device is a wearable acoustic ventilation monitor that was recently awarded FDA Fast Track status for opioid overdose prediction and prevention. Their cardiac monitoring device, on the other hand, is implantable and takes real-time multi-measurements like ECG, arterial blood pressure, and oxygen saturation. Both devices employ state-of-the-art predictive algorithms that detect life-threatening conditions through a smart device. View seedsprint profile

5. Tricol Biomedical (Oregon, USA): Tricol has developed an innovative bandage, originally for the battlefield, that stops bleeding quickly and efficiently. Further development led them to new solutions for acute care in hospitals, dental surgeries, or complications during dialysis. These products rely on Tricol’s patented modified polysaccharide material that are biodissolvable and bioabsorbable. The material adheres to tissue and supports cell binding and clot formation within the matrix. Tricol has several products on the market already and is focused on continuing to expand their technology into new applications and settings. View seedsprint profile

6. Premier Heart (New York, USA): Premier Heart has developed a novel cardiac monitoring device that could revolutionize the traditional error-prone ECG-based method. The company’s platform is based on Multifunction Cardiogram (MCG) technology, which allows rapid and accurate digital signal processing and analysis. With this technology, a 10-minute test can collect resting ECG data without radiation, drugs, or added patient stress. Premier Heart’s mission is to transform cardiac diagnosis and monitoring practice worldwide through upgrading standard ECG equipment with their MCG technology. Their products are available through their authorized distributor network.  View seedsprint profile

7. Plas-free (Israel): Plas-free’s ClearPlasma™ technology prevents hemorrhage, one of the leading causes of hospital deaths. ClearPlasma™ is an advanced filtration system that permits plasma purification and achieves pro-coagulant and anti-fibrinolytic properties without interfering with common clinical practices. The application of ClearPlasma™ leads to 55% less bleeding and enables healthcare providers to save more lives. ClearPlasma™ is currently in clinical trials. View seedsprint profile

Medtech is an exciting and rapidly evolving field with an estimated market size of hundreds of billions of dollars. There are over 1,000 (and counting!) medtech startup and technology profiles on seedsprint, spanning areas from cardiology to neuroscience to oncology, and more. By combining expertise from engineering, computer science, medicine, and biotechnology, medtech innovations, such as those on our platform, help us live better and longer. Stay tuned for future installments of “Emerging technology startups profiled on seedsprint” and discover more exciting innovations with us!

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